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The Reading Room

HomemadeBabyQuilts.com provides links to some short articles about quilting. More will be added as we have time to write and to find other articles that we can include. If you are interested in sharing some tips let us know!

The Reading Room button in the left menu will display an article and a separate menu to get to links for the articles that are available at this time.

Main Baby Quilts Page

The Main Baby Quilts Page displays eight of the currently available Homemade Baby Quilts.

All of these homemade baby quilts are hand crafted using the best materials and Ramona's excellent craftsmanship. These baby quilts will have cotton tops and bottoms with 8 oz. polyester batting unless otherwise indicated.

Homemade baby quilts from Ramona are made to be used. They are not intended for hanging on a wall, eventhough many of them are works of art. They are sturdy and constructed so that they can be used, washed, played on, and dragged around. Many a toddler takes their homemade baby quilt with them all around the house!

Discounted Homemade Baby Quilts

All quilts on the Baby Quilts Under $50 Page are less than $50! Sometimes one of the homemade baby quilts on the main page is on sale for $50, but all of the baby quilts on the discounted page are less than $50. Some of these quilts are sold for less than the cost of materials and shipping! We hope they can be used and enjoyed.

These discounted homemade baby quilts have the same great quality as the others, but we wanted to have a few options that were less expensive. These are not seconds, they don't have flaws or use lower quality materials. Sometimes the quilts are a little smaller or they use less batting. Once in a while the quilt doesn't look like Ramona imagined or she just doesn't like it, so we put it on the discounted page.

If you see one you like, take advantage of the opportunity and buy one of these wonderful homemade baby quilts that has been reduced in price!

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Are you looking for a soft, sturdy homemade baby quilt that is for "everyday" use? A baby quilt that can be washed over and over again? Or maybe a homemade baby quilt that has lots of colors, pictures of plants, animals, toys, and other interesting objects that can help your children learn? You need . . .

Ramona's Homemade Baby Quilts!

Ramona's Educational Homemade Baby Quilts

  • These Baby Quilts are all Homemade and Machine Washable
  • Toddlers will be able to continue using these Sturdy Homemade Baby Quilts
  • All Homemade Baby Quilts have High Quality Cotton Fronts and Backs
  • 8 oz Polyester Batting is used for Increased Warmth and Durability
  • Homemade Baby Quilts by Ramona are Colorful and Educationally Beneficial
  • No Two Homemade Baby Quilts are Exactly Alike
  • Our Homemade Baby Quilts Always Come With Free Shipping and Handling!

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Homemade baby quilts are the perfect gift idea! Are you looking for a soft, sturdy homemade baby quilt that is for "everyday" use? A baby quilt that can be washed over and over again?