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Some Ideas About Homemade Baby Quilts

Those who study brain development believe that the first few years are critical in developing the neuron connections that will allow children to learn, remember, and be able to figure things out when they are older.

As suggested by some of the articles I've found, exposing infants and toddlers to a variety of colors and shapes is a great way to help get those neurons connected. One of the articles suggests that you walk around the house and point out different objects, shapes, shades of color and intensities of the colors around your home. It can be a game of finding different things or describing what they see.

Many of Ramona's homemade baby quilts purposely use a variety of colors and patterns so that exactly what was described above can happen. You can ask questions like: "Can you find a soccer ball?", "Where is a red flower?", "How many different colors can you find in this quilt?", etc. One variation is the "I Spy" game, where one person says something like "I spy a red flower" and the others try to find the red flower.

When the child is still an infant much of the benefit is tactile. The baby is feeling the quilt with its hands and feet. Playing with the baby by pulling an edge of the blanket over the baby to push with its hands and feet allows an interaction with the environment. The bright colors also stimulate the eyes and help development of color vision, which is naturally somewhat slower to come along. Playing "peek-a-boo" is a great stimulus for these very young children.

As they get older the more sophisticated games can begin. Of course, if there are older siblings, they can benefit from these games with the baby and they can make up their own games as well.

If some siblings are old enough to count, they can count squares and objects on the quilt. Many of these homemade quilts could be used as a giant tic-tac-toe board. If you are really adventurous you might try some kind of modified checkers or even an "Aggravation" type game. Only your imagination limits you in this regard.

A Note From Ramona's Husband

Welcome to our homemade baby quilts world on the internet. Ramona has recently, at least officially, moved from her sewing room downstairs in the cold basement to a room recently vacated by our children that is upstairs and much warmer in the winter! That gives her a lot more room to work. Maybe it will help her to finish some more handmade baby quilts that we can sell. She loves making the tops, but finishing seems to be more of a problem. It doesn't help that she constantly has a project going for a new baby that we know or some other diversion that is interesting at the time, like an afghan, a cross-stitch, some baby hats or sweaters, etc.

This page has the homemade baby quilts that are currently available. All of the quilts are made by Ramona in our home using the best materials and Ramona's top quality craftsmanship.

One day Ramona gave some of her motivation for making these baby quilts: "As I look at my piles of fabric I think that it doesn't do much good in piles. It would be better to turn it into homemade baby quilts and get them out to those babies I love so much."

Ramona isn't in it for the money. She makes only a small fraction of her "day job" pay when making these handmade baby quilts. She just likes to do it and hopes that some mother and her baby will be warmer and enjoy using one of the homemade baby quilts as much as she enjoyed making it.

Besides all of that, the more baby quilts Ramona makes and sells, the more room I can recover in our house. Well, that is a long shot, but I can always be optimistic!

Are you looking for a soft, sturdy homemade baby quilt that is for "everyday" use? A baby quilt that can be washed over and over again? Or maybe a homemade baby quilt that has lots of colors, pictures of plants, animals, toys, and other interesting objects that can help your children learn? You need . . .

Ramona's Homemade Baby Quilts!

Ramona's Educational Homemade Baby Quilts

  • These Baby Quilts are all Homemade and Machine Washable
  • Toddlers will be able to continue using these Sturdy Homemade Baby Quilts
  • All Homemade Baby Quilts have High Quality Cotton Fronts and Backs
  • 8 oz Polyester Batting is used for Increased Warmth and Durability
  • Homemade Baby Quilts by Ramona are Colorful and Educationally Beneficial
  • No Two Homemade Baby Quilts are Exactly Alike
  • Our Homemade Baby Quilts Always Come With Free Shipping and Handling!

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Homemade baby quilts are the perfect gift idea! Are you looking for a soft, sturdy homemade baby quilt that is for "everyday" use? A baby quilt that can be washed over and over again?